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Mt. Zion Youth and Leaders
Mission Trip to Jacksonville, FL
July 15, 2018
Welcome to the Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church website.  We are very happy that you are here and we hope that your stay will be both informative and enjoyable.  Please visit the different parts of this site to become more familiar with our church, our activities and the things that we are doing to grow stronger in our Christian faith and to show the light of Jesus Christ to others.  It is such a joy to be involved in doing the Lord’s work and you will see that at Mt. Zion, we are dedicated to doing just that.
Mt. Zion is a very special place filled with very special people who love the Lord and are dedicated to fulfilling the purposes that the Lord has called us to do.  It is a place that the Lord has blessed tremendously and we look forward to the future opportunities that the Lord will provide for us to continue to do His work.  
As you will see, we are highly dedicated to our children and youth ministries.  We are excited about their enthusiasm to serve God and to their commitment to reaching out to serve others in various activities within the church and the community.  The children and youth groups provide great opportunities for young people who are seeking to learn more about Jesus and how to share that knowledge with others at church, at school, in the community and in every day life.  We are so proud of them and their actions and we pray that others may come to know Christ through their commitment.
As you click through the different pages on this site, we hope that you will feel the warmth and love that is present at Mt. Zion.  God has provided us with many opportunities to share that warmth and love with others through worship services, in-reach programs and out-reach programs and these pages contain a few glimpses into those many opportunities.  Also, please check our our calendar page to stay up to date on the events upcoming at Mt. Zion.
Does this sound interesting to you?  Can you picture yourself being a part of such a loving and growing Christian fellowship? Then we would be honored to have you visit with us.  Our Sunday worship services begin at 9:45 am with Sunday School and our Worship Service begins at 11:00 am.  Come and be a part of the tremendous things that God is doing at Mt. Zion. 
We have a place reserved especially for you.